Zhonghua Secondary School 100th Anniversary Celebrations – Record Breaking Event “The Most Number of People Folding and Flying of Paper Aeroplanes”

Date: 7th January 2011, Friday

Time: 2.30pm (the record breaking will start officially at 3.30pm)

Venue: Zhonghua Secondary School

The School and the Alumni Association welcome all alumni to join in the fun and to set the record together with all the teachers and pupils of ZHSS. See you there!


2011年1月7日(星期五)下午3时30分 母校将举办“百年校庆破健力士记录活动——千人同时折放纸飞机”  , 寄望历届与来届同学继续展翅高飞 。母校鼓励所有的师长、学生、家长、校友、校友的家属,三代同堂回到学校参加这项有趣的活动。届时大家济济一堂,同心协力,在折纸飞机的当儿,不但能忆起 儿时的童趣,也能与校友相聚,何乐而不为,让我们到时见!欲出席的校友,请下午2时半报到。